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Life in Saint-Just and Saint-Irénée

life in Saint-Just and Saint-Irénée

With their breathtaking views over Lyon, the neighborhoods of Saint-Just and Saint-Irénée are enclaves that appear to be suspended above the city, sedate yet lively, out of the center without being isolated. Although much less well-known than Lyon’s old town area that they overlook, these neighborhoods in the 5th arrondissement of Lyon nonetheless hide a number of treasures with their medieval alleyways and their exceptional panoramic views. BARNES Lyon introduces you to this neighborhood but also all the districts in Lyon.

Life in Saint-Just

Saint-Just is a lively residential neighborhood of Lyon with a personality that is anchored in its history. The neighborhood lies in a niche between the hills of Fourvière and Saint-Irénée, a gateway between Old Lyon and West Lyon.

The site includes Roman remains (the Mausoleums of Trion, the thermal springs of Lugdunum on rue des Farges which date back to the first century), vestiges of the Middle Ages (Maison du Boeuf Couronné) and an important element of religious heritage (the church of Saint-Just, and the Saint-Just high school built at the site of the monastery of the Ursulines who arrived here in 1633).

The Saint-Just neighborhood owes its name to the thirteenth archbishop of Lyon, Saint-Just, whose body was laid to rest in the church of the Macchabées which assumed the name Saint-Just.

Spanning the length of the rue de Trion, the neighborhood extends from the Place de Trion, in the west, to the Place des Minimes, to the east. The Place de Trion with its cable car stop is the district hub, home to a number of local businesses, cafés and small buildings from the 1970s. From here you have access to Gorges de Loup and its metro station Point du Jour, the neighborhood of Saint-Irénée and of course, Fourvière.

Real estate in Saint-Just

In this historic neighborhood you will find very old buildings adjoining more recent apartment buildings around the rue de Trion, as well as luxury properties in the direction of Fourvière, in the Antiquaille area. The essential charm of the neighborhood lies in its houses and secret gardens. Bourgeois residences and townhouses from the post-war era that are in high demand due to the sense of calm and the greenery that they offer in this urban setting.

Life in Saint-Irénée

Saint-Irénée is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Lyon and merges indistinguishably into Saint-Just and Fourvière. It is a residential neighborhood that contains a number of businesses and restaurants. The Church of Saint-Irénée is located on the site of a Gallic-Roman necropolis. Constructed in the 19th century, its basement contains a Carolingian crypt which holds the tombs of numerous martyrs from Lyon and along with that of Saint-Irénée. In just a few minutes on foot, it is possible to reach Lyon’s old town below. The way down is through little medieval alleyways that house charming apartments, like the Montée du Gourguillon, a small paved street with medieval architecture where the oldest house in Lyon is situated (impasse Turquet).

Real estate in Saint-Irénée

Saint-Irénée, just like Saint-Just, has an attractive property market. This is where you will find period buildings with lots of charm and little inner courtyards and gardens. Period houses are also highly sought-after. The neighborhood is evolving with the introduction of more recent constructions. On avenue Debrousse, beautiful luxury residences were built in 2015and offer brand new apartments with large terraces affording picture postcard views over Lyon!

Rare gems are also to be found in the neighborhood’s streets, particularly with their stunning period residences such as a 16th century château in Saint-Irénée built on 8,611 sq ft with an acre of parkland - a highly prestigious property in the heart of Lyon !

Life on La Colline de Lyon

With its many local businesses and middle and high schools attended by some one thousand students, La Colline, also set apart from the center, is anything but boring! Tourists and music lovers alike flock to the Roman amphitheater where each year the “Nuits de Fourvière” festival is held. The historic past of the “colline qui prie” (the hill of prayer) can still be seen in the neighborhood which has retained its picturesque charm.

An isolated neighborhood? Not by any means!

Although it is true that local residents may have the feeling of being removed from the city (something they appreciate, incidentally), getting to the center of Lyon couldn’t be easier. A drive up the montée des Choulan gives you direct access to Lyon Perrache train station and the central district of Presqu'Île. And for those who prefer to use public transport, the F1 cable car known as the "Funiculaire de Saint-Just", in existence since 1878 (and reconverted for use in 1958) takes you to Lyon’s old town in just a few minutes. The neighborhood is also served by several bus lines.

There is no shortage of green spaces on La Colline!

The choice is yours: the Jardin des Curiosités, which adjoins the Saint-Just Middle School, offers a vertiginous view over the city, the Parc des Hauteurs from which the city can be reached from the Fourvière Basilica, or the Parc de la Visitation which encircles the Convent of the Visitation built by Bossan in 1854 and recently transformed into a 4-star hotel, the Fourvière Hôtel.

How about going out?

In addition to this luxurious establishment and its restaurant Les Téléphones, Saint-Just has attracted some delicious eateries such as the Restaurant Christian Têtedoie with its incredible view. Down below, Lyon’s old town has no shortage of venues for food lovers, including from the Terrasses de Lyon to La Tour Rose, to name but a few. And for those wanting to step out closer to home, the Bistro la Favorite or the Caprices de Sophie await.

With its cafés-théâtres, Lyon’s old town has a wide range of nightlife entertainment: the Espace Gerson, the Boui Boui, and many more. And for those anxious to perfect their cultural knowledge, there are a number of must-visit sites: the Musée Gadagne, the Fourvière Basilica, the Miniature Museum and Cinema, the Lugdunum Museum
(formerly the Gallic-Roman Museum) and its theater which ensures visitors and music lovers attending the Festival des Nuits de Fourvière get their fill of culture.

School life

Saint-Just and Saint-Irénée keeps pace with their elementary, middle and high school students, who attend the neighborhood’s many schools each day:

  • La Sarra public kindergarten
  • La Favorite private elementary school
  • Albert Camus public elementary school
  • Ferdinand Buisson public elementary school
  • Sainte Ursule private elementary school
  • Saint Just Saint Irénée private elementary school
  • Notre-Dame des Minimes private elementary school
  • Jean Moulin middle and high schools
  • La Favorite-Sainte-Thérèse private junior and high schools
  • Notre Dame des Minimes private middle school
  • Saint Marc private middle school
  • Saint-Just public middle school and high school
  • Aux Lazaristes school center
  • Sainte Marie Lyon elementary school, middle school and high school

View the schools on the Lyon website: elementary, middle and high schools in the 5th arrondissement.

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