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What documents and information are required to start the sale of my property?

There are two types of property: condominium and without. The mandatory documents and information are different depending on this characteristic.

Mandatory documents to sell your property in an agency

Whether in co-ownership or not, here is the list of mandatory documents that you must provide to your BARNES consultant: 

Identity documents of each seller
Kbis for a business
Property title
Mandatory diagnostics including the Energy Performance Diagnosis
Signed sales mandate

    Specifics for a condominium property

    • PV of GA of the last 3 years 
    • Co-ownership regulations 
    • Financial situation of the condominium 
    • Property charges 
    • Compulsory diagnostics including the Carrez Law 

    These documents allow the constitution of the sales file.

    Required information

    The Alur law defines the mandatory information for the marketing of a good, that is to say by its dissemination on different communication media (websites, windows, press releases, etc.) BARNES is committed to of its sellers for the conformity of their file before communicating on their property by respecting the following mentions:

    • a description of the property: type, composition, Carrez law area, condition 
    • the price with the mention “fees charged to the seller” 
    • ECD results 

    In addition, for co-owned property: 

    • the amount of annual charges 
    • the number of lots 
    • the words “alert procedure” or “receivership procedure” for co-ownerships in difficulty