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Property valuation in Lyon: BARNES, your trusted partner

The estimate is a crucial step in the sale of your property in Lyon which requires specialized expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. At BARNES Lyon, our luxury real estate specialists put all their expertise at your disposal to best estimate the value of your property. Thanks to recognized skills and a rigorous methodology, we offer you a reliable estimate that reflects the reality of the Lyon real estate market.

Local expertise in the Lyon real estate market

Having your property appraised at BARNES Lyon means benefiting from an increased knowledge of the local real estate market. We specialize in luxury properties in Lyon and the surrounding area, and carefully follow all real estate sales. Our monitoring and our solid experience allow us to have a clear vision of the current trends of the Lyon market and to determine with precision the value of your property. Over the past two years, the total value of the goods we have sold amounts to more than 320 million euros.

A reliable estimate based on 4 impacts

To arrive at a reliable estimate, we take into account 4 major impacts. First of all, we analyze the physical aspects of your property: its construction, its architecture, its equipment, its insulation, its geographical and environmental location. Then, we examine the legal aspects: the right of occupation, easements and the Local Urban Planning and Housing Plan (PLUH). We also look at economics, ie rental income potential and market conditions. Finally, we carefully study the trends of the Lyon real estate market to determine whether they are bullish or bearish.

A precise classification of your property

At BARNES Lyon, we classify your property according to 4 distinct categories, which reflect its level of standing and finishes. We thus identify each property in high standing, standing, comfort or current. This precise classification allows us to better assess your property and position it correctly on the market. Thus, we can offer you a fair and consistent estimate with similar properties present in your geographical area.

An accurate estimate thanks to our rigorous methodology

At BARNES Lyon, this rigorous property valuation method has proven itself. We have indeed observed an average difference of only 4.7% in 2022 between our value opinions and the actual sale price. This difference testifies to our high level of requirements and our expertise in real estate appraisal in Lyon and the surrounding area. We apply carefully selected and referenced weighting coefficients to enhance the particular criteria of your property.

Have your house or apartment in Lyon appraised by BARNES

If you are a seller and want to estimate your property in Lyon by benefiting from the best expertise in the sector, you can contact our agents by filling out the form or contact us directly by phone to set up an appointment in the agency. closest to you. And if you want to get a first trend, don't hesitate to use our online real estate valuation service.