How to give my opinion on BARNES Lyon services?

We had the extreme pleasure of assisting you in your real estate project and would like to give your opinion on the services of our real estate agencies BARNES Lyon? 

We use two companies to gather your opinions: Opinion System and Immodvisor as well as sending an internal inquiry. By dedicating a few minutes of your time to evaluate 5 criteria, you help us to orient our improvement actions closer to your expectations.

Evaluation criteria

5 criteria are evaluated. They are different but similar between Opinion System and Immodvisor.

The 5 evaluation criteria on Immodvisor:

  • Compliance of the service with your expectations 
  • Follow-up and advice 
  • Listening and understanding your requests 
  • Availability and responsiveness 
  • Administrative management

The 5 evaluation criteria on Opinion System:

  • General Home 
  • Jurisdiction 
  • Quality service / service 
  • Final follow-up support 
  • Fee / Service Report

The level of satisfaction

Its 5 criteria are evaluated on a scale of 0 to 5 (excellent). The level of satisfaction is expressed as a percentage according to the scores assigned to the various criteria. A satisfied customer is reflected at BARNES Lyon by a score above 90%.

Recommendation and commentary

The site will then ask you if you would recommend our agency or write a short comment about your experience.

Google reviews

Opinion System and Immodvisor specialize in gathering the opinions of individuals with Immodvisor the particularity of being dedicated to the real estate sector. To file a notice, you must have a transaction or lease through one of our two agencies. If you have a Gmail address, the platform will ask you if you would also like to review Google.

The standard NF Z74-501 by the AFNOR

Online customer reviews are an important factor in the decision-making of potential future customers. The economic stakes are important for businesses. This standard aims to establish a reliability of the processes of collection, moderation and return of these opinions. "Faced with the phenomenon of" false opinions ", with the standard NF Z74-501, a company establishes with its potential customers a relationship of trust, based on transparency."