BARNES Global Property Handbook 2024

Discover the BARNES Global Property Handbook 2024 magazine, which explores trends and prospects for the real estate market in 2024.

BARNES Global Property Handbook 2024
Explore the exclusive information revealed by the annual study on trends and prospects in international prestige real estate.
"In luxury, there's no substitute for human contact and personalized service. In this context, the relationship of trust between real estate agent and customer remains crucial."
- Heidi BARNES
Browse through the 10 key points of an unpredictable year, digital nomads revolutionize prestige real estate with the codes of mobility, market trends and opportunities, the words of experts with Heidi BARNES and Thibault de Saint-Vincent, the list of cities most sought-after by High-Net-worth Individuals, hot destinations for second homes...
"Modern buyers, especially nomadic entrepreneurs, are increasingly mobile. they can work from anywhere in the world, which means they're no longer tied to a single place of residence."
- Thibault de Saint-Vincent