Our first e-magazine

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first e-magazine, celebrating our 8th anniversary in the Rhône region, a milestone for BARNES Lyon.

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A 100% digital magazine
This new special edition of BARNES Lyon magazine offers you a completely new digital experience. It's an e-magazine that retraces the history of our business through the many encounters and events that have marked it. We present you with a unique real estate retrospective exploring the different sectors of the Rhône and inner-city Lyon.

Get ready to plunge into a world where prestige real estate meets the art of living.

Our e-magazine offers a variety of media, including press articles, audio files and numerous videos, allowing you to enter the world of the key personalities we've met over the past 8 years.

You'll discover our raison d'être, our values and our passion for real estate.

BARNES Lyon is resolutely looking to the digital future, while affirming its commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint.


Our CSR approach
For the past 7 years, BARNES Lyon has been pleased to offer you a paper magazine featuring news from our branches and from Lyon's prestige real estate market.

Today, BARNES Lyon offers you a new reading experience with its new digital magazine, an interactive and immersive experience, an evolution towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

The production of 9,000 magazines represents 2,700 kg of paper. With the launch of our e-magazine, we're producing communication materials that use just 67.5 kg of paper. We've thus reduced our impact by 97.5%.

This new format will allow you to browse at your leisure through captivating content, exceptional properties, real estate advice and inspiring stories, but this time with a reduced environmental impact.

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