BARNES Lyon x Artis Magna Opera

BARNES Lyon joins the Artismagna Gallery for the unique exhibition Artis Magna Opera.

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A first in Lyon

Entitled "Artis Magna Opera" in homage to the exceptional character of the artists chosen, the "premiere" will take place within the walls of the ensemblier in the heart of the city of Lyon from Thursday, March 24 to Sunday, April 10, 2022. Thirty important works covering the second half of the 20th century will be presented to an audience invited by invitation only.

A new kind of great work, the first act of which will cover five decades of great masters whose names are now so well known: Olivier Mosset, Pablo Picasso, Arman, Alexander Calder, César, Hans Hartung and Vassilakis Takis, as well as the Americans Sam Francis, Peter Halley and JonOne, will undoubtedly satisfy the curiosity of Lyon's collectors for exceptional pieces. Paintings, drawings and sculptures thus gathered will offer a privileged horizon to the amateur whose collections have become a heritage. If collecting is an art - that of choosing with taste and discernment - then it is to this spirit that the Galerie Artismagna dedicates its first opera.

BARNES and Art

To promote art, a pillar of the brand's DNA, BARNES created BARNES Art advisory several years ago. A committed player in the art market since 2000, under the impetus of our founder Heidi Barnes, BARNES Art advisory supports young contemporary artists through a program of exhibitions in the prestigious locations where the House is located and through partnerships with major artistic events.

BARNES Lyon is committed to the same approach by partnering with the Artismagna Gallery, an art gallery that brings together the work of 30 international artists. This partnership was born out of a meeting between Jordane Olagne, a BARNES Lyon consultant, and Emmanuel de Boisset, co-founder of the Artismagna Gallery. From this meeting sprang the idea of a partnership between art and prestigious real estate, two perfectly complementary worlds.

Discover Jordane Olagne

Having received a solid education in art history and project management, Jordane has always had an artistic appetite and enjoyed organizing cultural events. Bordeaux, Paris, Nantes, Shanghai, Reims and Lyon, each city where she lived gave her the opportunity to undertake new projects related to art.

In 2010, she founded Artistes Avenir. As a talent scout, she organizes high-end events in partnership with the greatest champagne houses to promote artists.

When she arrived in Lyon, she wanted to turn to the prestigious real estate represented by BARNES, a natural bridge between two complementary worlds.

The BARNES Lyon teams are very pleased to invite collectors and investors from Lyon, Evian, Thonon and Barcelona to an exceptional meeting of major works of the modern era.

Discover the profile of Jordane Olagne, our consultant specialized in the West Lyon area.