Back on the unique evening of Tuesday, May 31: BARNES Lyon, 6BIEN, Galerie NörKa, AUM Pierre Minassian

BARNES Lyon had the pleasure of organizing a unique evening bringing together two events: the launch of the 11th issue of 6BIEN magazine and the cross-exhibition of the NörKa Gallery and the AUM Pierre Minassian agency.

Retour sur le vernissage BARNES x AUM x NörKa x 6Bien


A double event

On May 31, BARNES Lyon welcomed its clients and partners for the launch of 6BIEN magazine. Born from an initiative of the Federation le 6, it is free and presents the news and the shopkeepers of the 6th district. This evening was also an opportunity for the guests to discover an exhibition in the offices. The AUM Pierre Minassian agency and the NörKa Gallery opened this exhibition together, presenting their respective works. 

Strongly linked, the two exhibitions have an approach guided by a quest for aesthetics. Christian Poncet, an artist exhibited at Galerie NörKa, presents his exhibition entitled Metropolis. Between reality and fiction, the photographic works presented show sublimated architectural landscapes, within which human silhouettes evolve, which, although appearing in movement, seem strangely static. The Metropolis series offers silver and piezographic prints made with pinhole cameras. 

For its part, the AUM Pierre Minassian agency exhibits some twenty models and several prototypes specially made like the moucharabiehs so specific to the architect's constructions. The exhibition proposes a stroll in the heart of this universe and shows the main thread of the work carried out by the agency for 20 years with rigor and determination. 

Come and discover this exhibition in our office on the quai Général Sarrail until June 30th. 


A successful evening with local partners

This event was an opportunity for BARNES and its partners to bring together friends and clients to share a convivial moment around the exhibition. It was also an opportunity to work with local merchants to offer quality products. Here is an overview of the partners of the evening:

Chai Saint-Olive

Chai Saint Olive is Lyon's first urban winery, which opened in September 2020. Located in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon, Chai Saint Olive is a production facility. At their place, wine is made from the musts they receive from their partner winemakers and is bottled on site. The grape varieties are local (Chardonnay, Viognier, Syrah, Gamay) and come from estates located less than 80 kilometers from the Chai.

Fromagerie du Château

La Fromagerie du Château is a family of artisan cheese makers whose objective is to share their passion for raw milk cheeses from France and elsewhere. They are committed to respecting traditional methods of cheese making to offer you exquisite cheeses. Observing, touching, turning, washing, brushing each cheese is a work that requires knowledge, patience and perseverance. Their cheeses are selected on the basis of very precise criteria such as the quality of the milk, the respect of the animals, the traceability, the respect of the rules and regulations.


A true Lyon institution, Jocteur has become the reference for praline tarts. The "Maison Mère" is located on Place Henri Barbusse in Lyon, near the charming Île Barbe. It was in 1992 that Philippe-Marc Jocteur took over this bakery and set up shop there. If one finds there for the atmosphere and the stamp of the place and its environment, the bakery very quickly acquires a certain notoriety thanks to its reception and the quality of its products. 

Very quickly, the baker of the Barbe Island will have the honor to be the bread supplier of Mr. Paul Bocuse, great chef of international fame, at the Auberge de Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or.

Terres Lyonnaises

Terres Lyonnaises stores offer a complete range of food products. Fruits, vegetables, meats and cured meats, drinks, groceries, dairy products, frozen foods, you will find everything you need to shop locally. The objective of Terres Lyonnaises is simple: to promote local products and know-how in order to make people discover the richness of our land, at prices that are fair for the producer and for the consumer! 

Thanks to all the participants and exhibitors for their investment and their good mood during this event.