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Nestled on the outskirts of Lyon, Ecully is a town that combines historical charm and contemporary dynamism. This town, prized for its exceptional quality of life, is distinguished by its rich heritage, its peaceful residential neighborhoods and its lush green spaces. BARNES Lyon invites you to discover the multiple facets of Ecully and its ideal living environment for those looking for to invest or establish yourself in an environment that is both close to the Lyon metropolis and preserved.

History of Ecully

Écully, a town at the gates of Lyon, carries with it a rich and diverse history, testifying to a past which has shaped its unique identity. The origins of Ecully date back to Antiquity, a time when it was already an important crossroads on Roman roads. This strategic location favored its early development, a historical richness which can still be read in its architecture and traditions.

In the Middle Ages, Ecully stood out for its role in the feudal system, with the presence of several lordships which left their mark on the territory. The modern era saw the city gradually transform, with the great Lyon families building sumptuous residences there, attracted by the beauty and tranquility of the place. These residences, some still standing today, bear witness to this period of prosperity.

In the industrial era, Ecully adapted to economic and social changes without losing its character. The city is urbanizing, but preciously retains its green spaces and its architectural heritage, harmoniously balancing modernity and tradition.

The 20th century was marked by residential and educational development, with the creation of renowned higher education establishments which contributed to its regional influence. Ecully then becomes a place of knowledge and innovation, while preserving its exceptional living environment.

The districts of Ecully

Ecully is distinguished by the diversity and charm of its neighborhoods, each with its own identity and contributing to the wealth of the city. This mosaic of neighborhoods offers residents and investors a variety of ambiances and living environments, ranging from peaceful residential areas to more dynamic and connected areas.


The historic and administrative heart of Ecully, the town center is full of shops, services and educational establishments. This district is appreciated for its dynamism and ease of access, offering a rich urban life just minutes from Lyon.


A residential area par excellence, Les Serres seduces with its tranquility and greenery. The properties there are often beautiful houses surrounded by gardens, ideal for families looking for peace and space.

The Pérollier

Le Pérollier is known for its luxury residences and luxury villas. This district offers a privileged living environment with a breathtaking view of the Lyonnais mountains, attracting a demanding clientele.

Coal pits

On the edge of Ecully, the Charbonnières sector combines quality residential areas and substantial green spaces. It is particularly popular for its calm environment and its easy access to leisure and educational infrastructure.

La Sauvegarde

A modern and developing district, La Sauvegarde attracts with its proximity to major schools and areas of economic activity. It meets the expectations of professionals and students seeking accommodation near their places of study or work.

If you are considering buying a property in Ecully, and would like to benefit from expert advice on the best neighborhoods according to your ideal lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact our real estate agency BARNES Ecully. If the surrounding area interests you, you can also find all the districts of Lyon.

Living in Ecully: services and quality of life

Living in Ecully means choosing a living environment where quality and dynamism meet at every street corner. This city, while being close to the excitement of Lyon, retains an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being, supported by quality services and infrastructure designed for the comfort of its inhabitants.

A dynamic city

Ecully is a town bustling with cultural and leisure activities, offering its residents a wide range of events and facilities for all ages. The Ecully cultural center, with its varied program of shows, exhibitions and concerts, is a place for the community to meet and share. Media libraries and cinemas also enrich the cultural life of the city.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ecully has numerous parks and green spaces, perfect for relaxation, sport or family walks. Sports facilities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and gymnasiums, allow everyone to practice their favorite activity in optimal conditions.


Mobility is one of Ecully’s major assets. The city benefits from excellent public transport services, with bus lines connecting directly to the center of Lyon and other towns in western Lyon. For motorists, access is facilitated by several major roads. This connectivity allows the inhabitants of Ecully to benefit from the proximity of Lyon while living in a more peaceful environment.


Ecully stands out for the quality of its education system, with renowned schools for all levels, from nursery to high school. The presence of major schools, such as EM Lyon Business School, gives the city the status of an educational center of excellence, attracting students from France and abroad. Childcare facilities and enriching extracurricular activities complete the educational offering, ensuring an environment conducive to development and learning.

Ecully, through its quality of life, its services and infrastructure, represents an ideal place of residence for those seeking to combine urban dynamism and daily serenity.

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