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Life on Place Bellecour. What dreams are made of. An eminent name in the city of Lyon, the square is symbolic both of its history and prestigious architecture. Place Bellecour has always been considered as the nerve center of the city. For the people of Lyon it is the emblem of their beloved city, and is top on the list of sites to see for visitors. BARNES Lyon gives you the guided tour of this district, and all the other districts of Lyon.

Bellecour: a historic district

It was in the 17th century that downtown Lyon moved from the Saint-Jean quarter to this enclave between the Rhône and Saône rivers. Place Bellecour, or Place Louis-le-Grand, is the 5th largest square in France and one of Europe's largest (1,017 ft by 656 ft). In its center is a statue of Louis XIV on horseback, the work of François-Frédéric Lemot. It is accompanied at its base by two allegorical statues sculpted in 1720: the Saône and the Rhône by brothers Nicolas and Guillaume Coustou. Another statue, representing the Little Prince and its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is located at the South/West end of the square.

Bellecour: a dynamic district

Connected to Perrache to the South and to the Terreaux to the North by the magnificent rue de la République, home to all the leading retail brands, it is the center point for events and spectacles all year round.

However, the main attraction of this area is undoubtedly its majestic architecture, the legacy of the great works undertaken in the age of Napoleon.

Luxury realty in Bellecour

The economic and social heart of the true city center, the Bellecour district is home to magnificent apartments, for a long time occupied by the aristocracy and the new French middle class. Today, it has been taken over by young executives who are also flocking to the banks of the Saône and the main adjoining avenues.

The facades of the properties around the square were designed by the First Architect to the King, Robert de Cotte. Featuring inner courtyards, parquet floors and period moldings, the apartments offer spacious accommodation and are particularly in demand. Other illustrious architects, such as Soufflot, have left evidence of their time in these elegant residences.

The primarily period properties have retained all the splendor of yesteryear. New builds are extremely rare in this part of the city, with the exception of the new luxury development at No. 31 on the square, operated by the developer OGIC. 

At the heart of Lyon

Thanks to its location and its numerous facilities (shops, central Post Office on Place Antonin Poncet, the Tourist Office, etc.), the Bellecour district is considered as the epicenter of Lyon. It is also the starting point for all the region's roads.

The district, benefiting from its position at the very heart of downtown Lyon, is served by two metro lines, lines A and D, and has a number of public car parks. Its proximity to the Perrache train station is also a plus.

The nearest middle schools are: Jean Moulin (public), Chevreul (private), Aux Lazaristes (private), Sainte-Marie (private).

And, for sports enthusiasts, the Rhône swimming pool and its 164-ft outdoor pool is open all year round. Just one bridge away!

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