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For the people of Lyon, the 6th arrondissement inevitably evokes large avenues, beautiful shops, the banks of the Rhône and the Parc de la Tête d'Or for Sunday jogging!

An image that often makes you forget the eastern end of the district split by the Avenue de Thiers. On one side, a rather chic and well-to-do district, notably with the Boulevard des Belges and the Place Maréchal Lyautey; and on the other side, more popular districts such as Bellecombe and Notre-Dame, enclosed between the 3rd arrondissement and Villeurbanne. The railroad, in particular, forms a psychological and geographical boundary, and real estate prices bear witness to these disparities!

On the Cours Vitton side and near the Parc de la Tête d'Or, rents and income levels are indeed higher. Beyond Avenue Thiers, Bellecombe is the historic district, once animated by the presence of numerous small businesses and artisans. Today, the district suffers from a lack of attractiveness, even though Thiers Avenue has been renovated and is home to a growing business zone. Many office buildings have been built and others are being renovated.

The HCL laundry, which for 150 years occupied an important space in the 6th arrondissement, will give way by 2019 to a real estate complex, a set of shops and services, and a patch of greenery that will revitalize the sector. Today, life is concentrated around the streets of Ste Geneviève, Notre-Dame, Inkerman, and Bellecombe, which claim, against all odds, to belong to the 6th arrondissement! The neighborhood has retained both the advantages and disadvantages of its proximity to the economic hub of Part Dieu. Quiet, with schools, close to public transportation and the train station, Bellecombe invites to be discovered.

Cours Vitton, chic and commercial

The Cours Vitton is named after Henri Vitton (1793-1857), former mayor of Guillotière, who greatly contributed to the creation of this avenue. At the beginning of the 19th century, the course, which is located in the extension of the Franklin-Roosevelt course, was called at the time "la Grande Allée". With its "guinguettes", its "Guignol" theater and its cafés, it was a place of promenade frequented by the people of Lyon on Sundays. Little by little, the course became urbanized, named Morand and then Vitton, lined with bourgeois buildings and luxury businesses.

Very commercial, it offers to the residents all the conveniences, the access to the subway, a cinema, the proximity of the park of the Head of gold and the animated and "greedy" district of Brotteaux. Calmer and less commercial, the streets perpendicular to the course extend from the park to Part Dieu.

This way out!

- Cinema UGC Astoria located cours Vitton
- Bellecombe CinemaA neighborhood cinema with the capacity of a large theater, the Bellecombe Cinema, with its retro charm, seems to have come straight out of the movie Cinema Paradiso. Created in 1935 in a former theater, it shows mainstream films all year round on Wednesdays and weekends.

On the side of the gourmets
Whether around Cours Vitton or near the Brotteaux train station, there is no shortage of fine restaurants: Brasserie de l'Est, Brasserie des Brotteaux, Le Neuvième Art, Gourmet de Sèze, Café du Peintre, Mon bistrot à moi...

Closer to the avenue de Thiers and the Charpennes: the Bistro du Potager, the Régate, Okawali, Brasserie des Charpennes, restaurant la Belle Colombe...

Markets: Bellecombe on Tuesday and Thursday from 6am to 1pm, Tête d'Or on Wednesday and Saturday from 6am to 1:30pm

Educational institutions

Public schools :
Kindergarten and primary school Antoine Rémond
Jean Couty kindergarten
Kindergarten and primary Jean Rostand
Montaigne primary school
College and high school CES Bellecombe
Lycée du parc

Private schools :
Saint Joseph des Brotteaux kindergarten and primary
Kindergarten and primary school Notre Dame de Bellecombe
College Notre Dame de Bellecombe
Deborde School Center

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Household marital status: 755 married couples 898 cohabiting couples


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