Discover the very popular Monts d'Or area

A veritable green lung just a stone's throw from Lyon, the Monts d'Or represents a certain idea of Eldorado for many families in Lyon.

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From Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or to Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or via Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or, the precious metal patronymic symbolizes a certain idea of comfort and the good life. A prized setting that shelters a rich and pleasant life for its privileged few.

The Monts d'Or, a preserved living environment

To the west of the Saône, north of Lyon, the Monts d'Or stands like a land of greenery. Far from the concrete and asphalt of Lyon, the communes from Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or to Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or form an ideal setting to enjoy a calm and preserved life. There is no shortage of places to discover to air out your mind as well as your legs.

The Mounts

They are the symbol of this suburban area and even give it its name. The mountains forge the landscape and offer wild spaces to the inhabitants. There are 9 peaks in the Monts d'Or, which are havens of nature offering visitors exceptional views of Lyon and the entire region. Mont Verdun, Mont Thou or Mont Cindre overlooking Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or are perfect spots to take in the view and hike.

Places of History

The Monts d'Or are not only a remarkable natural setting. It is also a territory developed by the hand of the man who knew throughout the History to leave his print there. There is no lack of historical sites to visit: 

The remains of the Roman aqueduct: During Antiquity, the Monts d'Or was the site of an aqueduct serving the city of Lyon. The remains are still visible on certain sites. 

Quarries: The Monts d'Or also contain the remains of various quarries. The exploitation of the stone of the Monts d'Or began during the Roman period and ended at the end of the 20th century. Different sites can still be explored. 

The cabornes : The cabornes are shelters built by the working and agricultural population of the region. Dry stone constructions, they flourish in the whole area and can still be visited today. Pedestrian itineraries from Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or and Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or allow you to discover them. 

A developed social life in the Monts d'Or

Beyond the living environment, the Monts d'Or is above all the people who live there. A population spread over 13 communes from Sant-Didier-au-Mont d'Or to Saint-Germain-au-Mont d'Or via Saint-Cyr-au-Mont d'Or. A community of communes which shelters a rich social life.

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Associations and clubs of the Monts d'Or

The Monts d'Or is home to a teeming community life. Numerous associations and clubs find in the area a favorable ground to develop. With various objectives and missions, they promote solidarity, culture and the region. We can note the presence of the Rotary, the Lions Club Lyon Monts d'Or, the association Les Monts d'Or Artistes, or Accueil des villes françaises, an association allowing the integration of new inhabitants in a town and the development of a relational network.  

Sport in the Monts d'Or

A developed social life is also characterized by sports. And the Monts d'Or is not to be outdone in this field. The area is home to many sports clubs and has various infrastructures (soccer fields, tennis courts, gymnasiums...). The activities are varied and both children and adults will find something to practice. The clubs of La Boule des Monts d'Or, Le Handball Club de Saint-Didier-au-Mont d'Or and Saint-Cyr-au-Mont d'Or as well as Mont d'Or Vélo are to be noted. 

The Monts d'Or: an eclectic cultural life

The Monts d'Or area is also a territory of culture. The associations and cultural events are diverse. The library of Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or is a magnificent place of cultural discovery and the community of commune hosts events such as the Salon Mont d'Or Photo or the Jazz Day in Mont d'Or.

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BARNES in the Monts d'Or

The privileged setting of the Monts d'Or is of course the source of a strong demand for housing. Houses for sale in communes such as Saint-Didier-au-Mont d'Or or Saint-Cyr-au-Mont d'Or represent great opportunities that are in high demand, as shown by the average time of 41 days to sell a property in the area. 

Today, BARNES has a file of 982 active people looking for a property in the area, i.e. 16% of the client file. In order to accompany potential buyers, BARNES can count on the presence of five consultants who have a perfect knowledge of the area, living there themselves. They will be able to give the best advice and answer every question. 

The average property sold by BARNES in the Monts d'Or is 1 261 999€. However, BARNES has a solid experience with 90 properties sold in the Monts d'Or for a total price of 113 579 900 €.

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