Adapting and optimizing your management: the keys to success

"It is essential to develop modern, positive managerial skills."

Rencontre avec Romuald Boulé

Romuald Boulé, business management consultant.

The world of business, large or small, is changing. To support this change, more and more managers are turning to management consulting firms. Whatever the challenge - making a successful transition, managing a conflict, regaining growth - experts provide entrepreneurs with tailor-made solutions to optimize their organization and develop the skills of their team. How can they do this? Romuald Boulé, Associate Director of Impact Players, explains.

What does your company Impact Players offer?

We are an international management consulting firm that provides solutions in three areas. Consulting: we support managers in optimizing the organization and functioning of their company. Training: we help our clients to develop the skills of their teams. Coaching: we offer personalized support to key people in an organization who need to meet a challenge.

Who calls on you and why?

Business leaders, from SMEs to large French and international groups. They contact us for various reasons: a challenge to be taken up, an ambition to be achieved, a transition to be made, a problem to be solved, a change to be accompanied or even a growth to be recovered. How do your interventions take place? All our partnerships start with a business challenge such as those I just mentioned. We don't have a standard product to offer, but rather tailor-made solutions to build with the client. 

This is why we value the principle of co-creation, which consists in combining the experience of the manager with our expertise. In concrete terms, in the current context of tension in the labor market, reinforced by the health crisis, it is essential to develop modern and positive managerial skills. We are also very much in demand on the theme of team synergy, change management and conflict management. 

On what other themes do you regularly intervene?

On the commercial performance of teams. At BARNES, for example, we have been working on soft skills, i.e. the behavioral skills of human beings in the broadest sense. Developing these skills makes it possible to have a more effective, more involved team, internally, between employees. But also externally, for the consultants in their interactions with their various contacts, particularly clients. 

What is the objective? The result?

Learn to know yourself better, to analyze your personality profile. Learn to identify the behavior of others. And finally, from there, learn to develop one's flexibility to optimize one's relationship with others. The expected result of this type of coaching is to bring added value to BARNES real estate consultants. Knowing how to adapt to all potential clients allows them to better respond to their expectations and possible obstacles, and thus optimize the commercial relationship.

Is working on one's behavior accessible and necessary for everyone?

Of course! Good behavioral or managerial interaction practices often go against our natural reflexes. To the phrase "I'm not cut out to be a manager or I'm a bad communicator" I say: no. Contrary to what people sometimes think, it is a skill like any other, it can be learned, it can be worked on. A well-functioning team is above all people who are able to understand and appreciate each other. To appreciate each other in the sense of accepting each other's strengths and limitations.

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