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Ideally located between the Rhône and the Saône, in the extension of the Croix-Rousse plateau, the city of Caluire-et-Cuire could be considered a district of Lyon in its own right. BARNES Lyon would like to introduce you to this township in the immediate vicinity of Lyon. You will also find all the districts of Lyon.

History of Caluire and Cuire...

Often called only Caluire, Caluire-et-Cuire is the result of the unification, in 1797, of the city of Caluire and the Cuire district of the 4th arrondissement of Lyon.

During the Second World War and the Resistance, the city of Caluire-et-Cuire had an important role. In June 1943, Jean Moulin and 7 other resistance fighters were arrested by the Gestapo during a secret meeting.

It is in the street that now bears his name that he took his last steps as a free man. The public elementary school also bears his name.

In 1984, the metro C linked Lyon to Caluire-et-Cuire.

Districts of Caluire-et-Cuire

Le Bourg

The Bourg of Caluire-et-Cuire has undergone a complete redevelopment in recent years. With many shops, it is the central point of the city. An impressive building is located on rue François Peissel: the Town Hall built in 1846. It houses a police station and the municipal library. The Bourg and its village atmosphere is also residential with many buildings and townhouses.


Located between the Bourg and the 4th arrondissement of Lyon, the Cuire district benefits from the metro which connects it directly to downtown Lyon. Over time, the buildings and houses have been embellished by major renovations and old buildings have been rehabilitated into luxury condominiums.

Cuire Le Haut is located at the level of Place Jules Ferry. The recently renovated quays offer long walks along the Saône. The city's rowing clubs have set up shop there. A very nice address of the Paul Bocuse brasseries is located in this area: the Fond Rose restaurant. On the Rhone side, the Margnolles district reflects the same atmosphere with a more urban touch.


The Saint-Clair district is mainly characterized by its large shopping street. Running along the Rhône for a few kilometers, this district has been completely opened up thanks to the redevelopment of the river banks and the construction of the footbridge that leads directly to the Cité Internationale district.


The Montessuy district is nicknamed the "Mont de dessus" because it overlooks the Rhône and offers a panoramic view of Lyon and the Alps. It is located just above the Saint-Clair district.

In the 70's, the architect René Gagès wanted to make Montessuy a new district with the construction of many residences but also local shops.

Vassieux Crépieux

Vassieux Crépieux is located between the Rhône River and the Voie Verte. It is a very residential area where life is good and close to Lyon. The Avenue des Cottages is particularly sought after for its many exceptional houses.

To the north of Caluire et Cuire, the Vernay district offers a setting between the countryside and the city, while the Mercières district has a commercial and market gardening area. Find the districts of Caluire-et-Cuire on the interactive map of the city.

Caluire & Cuire: a dynamic and sporty city!

A dynamic town

Numerous developments give Caluire et Cuire a great dynamism. In addition to the various shops and supermarkets, the city has a well-known cultural complex. The Radiant Bellevue is a concert hall that can accommodate up to 2500 people. The city of Caluire et Cuire also has 28 kilometers of marked out paths, which all converge at the same place: the Green Way. This natural space gathers inhabitants, walkers, children and sportsmen...

Sports: an asset for Caluire et Cuire

Caluire et Cuire is a sports city with 12,000 members in 50 clubs for a choice of over 40 disciplines. Its infrastructures allow it with several gymnasiums, 3 stadiums and a swimming pool. Thanks to its 3 rowing clubs, the city is known worldwide with several Olympic medals won. Several sporting events are organized throughout the year.

Transportation and education


Metro C

Bus C1/ C2/ C5/ C13 / 9 / 33 / 38 / 40 / 70 / 77

The city is served by the ring road


Public institutions

André-Marie-Ampère School
Victor-Basch School
Édouard-Herriot School
Jean-Moulin Elementary School
Jules-Verne School
Pierre et Marie-Curie School
Paul-Bert School
Berthie-Albrecht School
Montessuy School
Jean-Jaurès School
André-Lassagne College
Charles Sénard College
Elie Vignal College and High School

Private schools

Le Petit Versailles School
Chartreux Saint-Romain School
Oratory School
Sainte-Marie School
Ombrosa School, College and High School