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At the origins of the west of Lyon

The west of Lyon has its origins in the history of the city of Lyon itself. The region has been inhabited since Roman times and the city of Lyon was founded in 43 BC. AD by the Romans. Over the centuries, the city has become an important economic, political and cultural center of the region, and its influence has spread beyond its borders.
In the Middle Ages, the west of Lyon was a rural area, made up of small villages and agricultural land.
In the 19th century, Lyon became an important industrial center, with the development of the textile industry and the creation of many factories in the region. This led to major urban development and many workers flocked to the city. The west of Lyon has experienced strong population growth and many neighborhoods have been built to house workers.
Since the 1960s, Lyon Ouest has continued to develop with the loosening of the Lyon urban area. It is a peri-urban territory with a rather socially privileged population. This urbanization was “soft” and took place while respecting agricultural landscapes and medium-sized towns.
Employment has grown thanks to business parks specializing in industry and construction. The proximity of Lyon also allows the inhabitants of the west of Lyon to access the employment pool of Lyon, which is more specialized, and to be able to work in the major metropolitan services.

The must-sees of western Lyon

What is called the west of Lyon extends from Lyon to the Monts du Lyonnais to the west, to the Beaujolais des Pierres Dorées to the north and the Gier valley to the south. In the center and south are the Coteaux du Lyonnais and its historic constructions in gray granite. The landscape is rather hilly and airy, with a beautiful view of the city of Lyon. We also find in this sector a rich architectural heritage with arches and Gallo-Roman aqueducts. The landscape is very rural because agriculture occupies 70% of the territory. The rest is occupied by vines in the Coteaux du Lyonnais and Beaujolais, fruit production and market gardening.
Today, the west of Lyon is a dynamic and diversified region, home to many businesses, schools, shopping centers and green spaces. The West Lyon region is also known for its wines and vineyards, which produce renowned wines such as Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu.

Living in the west of Lyon

Between city and countryside, the west of Lyon offers a privileged living environment appreciated by families. Since 2019, the population has increased in almost all municipalities in western Lyon. This makes the west of Lyon a very attractive sector where many people working in Lyon are looking to settle. Indeed, West Lyon is an area that attracts many inhabitants due to its quality of life, with its typical towns and unspoiled landscapes. The sector is very well served, being crossed by the A89 and the A6 as well as the N7, highly developed transport networks. Located on the edge of the Metropolis of Lyon, this sector offers its inhabitants a very sought-after living environment. Thanks to the proximity of Lyon, the inhabitants have a good level of access to services and facilities: culture, transport.

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