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A residential, middle class and cozy district, the Tête dOr owes its name to the prestigious park that abuts its elegant streets.BARNES Lyon gives you the guided tour of this district, and all the other districts of Lyon.

History of the Tête d'Or district

Legend has it that a solid gold head of Christ is buried somewhere in this 27-acre green space designed in 1857. A testimony to its glorious past and its Napoleonic splendor, the sector is a tribute to the magnificent architecture of the 19th century. Its checkerboard urban development plan is composed of large courtyards and wide avenues that add touch of elegance. For a long time, the district has appealed to Lyon's wealthy classes, who have taken up residence in large Haussmann-style apartments or in the few individual townhouses directly overlooking the park... truly exceptional properties. Residents appreciate this privileged proximity to the "green heart" of the city, as well as the peace and quiet and the presence of reputed schools, in particular the famous Lycée du Parc. The Tête d’Or sector is a haven of peace and tranquility, but a little too sleepy in the eyes of its detractors, who point to an absence of shops and the bustle of the city !

Prestigious homes

However, these superb residences retain an undoubted attraction and remain a sound investment. It is still fashionable to reside on the boulevard des Belges, associated with prestige for over a century!

The first buildings, villas, townhouses and châteaux were built on this boulevard in the early 1890s, on the odd-numbered plots directly facing the park.

The sumptuous doors designed by Charles Meysson were hung at the main entrance to the park in 1903. The tone is set…

On the other side of the boulevard are numerous properties built in the inter-war period and featuring elegant Art Deco facades.

Jacques Perrin-Fayolle, winner of the Prix de Rome award in 1950, has put his name to some of these top-of-the-range properties, including the building located on the corner of avenue de Grande-Bretagne.

Surroundings and facilities

Tête d'Or Park

The work of French landscape architects, brothers Denis and Eugène Bühler, the park is composed of a 39.5-acre lake, a botanical garden, a zoo and a rose garden. Since its opening in 1857, it has been a place to relax and for leisure, very popular with the residents of Lyon and tourists. At weekends, the district buzzes with joggers and strollers before becoming more peaceful again in the evenings.

Neighboring districts

Close to the park is the Museum of Contemporary Art within the Cité Internationale, which also boasts a UGC cinema, numerous restaurants, and a concert hall, the "Salle 3000" amphitheater.

Although the district only has a few shops near the boulevard des Belges, numerous high street names can be found on the Cours Vitton: food stores, interior design, fashion, florists, Astoria UGC cinema etc. There are also small supermarkets on rue Duquesne or rue Garibaldi.

Going out for residents in the Tête d'Or district

They area around the park undeniably lacks restaurants and places of entertainment, but the arrondissement itself has plenty of top flight venues, from five-star restaurants to small eateries. Head to the Brotteaux district or Cours Roosevelt to dine out: Restaurant Pierre Orsi, M restaurant, Brasserie de l’Est, Brasserie des Brotteaux, Takao Takano, the Neuvième Art or the Gourmet de Sèze... not forgetting the chocolate makers Bernachon, Tourtiller, Bruno Saladino, and the caterers Machado and C gastronomie. And the list goes on!

And, for fresh produce, the Tête d’Or market is held on Place Elmaleh on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.


Public schools

  • Jean Racine Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • Jean Rostand Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • Vendôme Middle School
  • Lycée du Parc Middle School

Private schools

  • La Rédemption Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • Saint Nom de Jésus Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • Cours Diot Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • The Nursery (Ombrosa) Kindergarten
  • Deborde Middle & High School
  • Fénelon Middle School
  • La Trinité Middle School

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Tête d'Or


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Household marital status: 3,551 married couples 3,755 cohabiting couples


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Medium household income


Medium household income

Source: INSEE