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Montchat is renowned for being one of the rare neighbourhoods in Lyon where you can find detached houses. The sector is highly sought-after for its peace and quiet, its streets lined with houses, its green spaces and its village feel. BARNES Lyon gives you the guided tour of this district, and all the other districts of Lyon. 

Life in the Montchat district 

Located in Lyons’ 3rd arrondissement, the neighbourhood is nestled between Villeurbanne and Bron, away from the hyper centre. With its streets lined with red brick houses, its numerous shops and services, its diverse population and its community life, the area has retained the charm of a village within a city. No need to go into Lyon centre, the residents of Montchat will tell you it has everything you need!

With its numerous gardens and parks, like the Parc de Chambovet and Parc Georges Bazin, Montchat is a green heart in the centre of the urban area. A privileged enclave that its residents wouldn't leave for anything!

The history of the Montchat district

Montchat is a descendent of the market town of Chaussagne, established in Roman times to the south-east of Lugdunum. The area took on the name Montchat in the 19th century when the district began to urbanise, a process spearheaded by Jean-Louis-François Richard-Vitton. A large land owner, former member of the municipal council of La Guillotière and future mayor of the 3rd arrondissement, he created one of the first housing developments in 1858 by dividing his estate into several residential homes. He also transferred the streets of his building developments to the city of Lyon. This explains why today small villas line the roads bearing the names of his children and their partners or the ancestors of the Richard-Vitton couple: Rue Camille, Rue Julien, Rue Louis, Rue Louise… The development designed by Jean-Louis-François Richard-Vitton aimed to provide housing for people on low income, alongside the existing bourgeois houses. He thus oversaw the construction of small parcels measuring several hundred square metres with houses surrounded by a garden. Green spaces were also provided for in the land deeds. A verdant setting that is greatly appreciated by the modern-day inhabitants who can enjoy over 69 gardens each measuring 150m².

The area is laid out in a geometric network of narrow streets running from Rue Henri, parallel to the driveway of the Château de Montchat dating from the 16th century.

The district entered a new chapter with the construction of the Édouard Herriot Hospital between 1920 and 1934. Montchat became the ‘hospital district’, home to medical professionals.

Real estate in Montchat: from detached houses to contemporary triplex apartments

In line with its history, Montchat has retained its original charm and its unique character that sets its apart from the rest of the Lyon area, while still developing. The townhouses and small apartment buildings have made way for taller, more recent constructions in some places and a large number of villas have been divided into apartments. The area remains very residential and vegetated with its coveted detached houses. The 5-6 storey buildings set in large courtyards and smaller buildings in the adjacent streets (2-3 storeys) offer a wide range of more or less recent apartments and diverse properties: duplex, triplex, penthouse, etc. 

A neighbourhood unto itself

The district is easily accessible despite the lack of metro service, the closest station being Grange-Blanche that serves the south-west sector of the district.

Residents appreciate the green spaces here at the heart of the urban area, particularly Parc Chambovet which spans five hectares on the hilltops of Montchat with its views over the city and the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière as well as the Monts du Lyonnais mountains.

The neighbourhood places the emphasis on local products with two organic markets: one on Place Henri and the other on Place Monts du Lyonnais, as well as the traditional food market at the Château de Montchat open Wednesday and Saturday all year round.

When it comes to leisure, the district is home to numerous sports associations. The infrastructure includes the Marc-Vivien Foé municipal stadium with its two cement basketball courts and volleyball pitches, an athletics track and two football pitches.

Dining out?

Those not wanting to go into the city centre should head for the nearby Avenue des Frères Lumière to sample the authentic cuisine served at the Marguerite restaurant, or try the Brasserie Bocuse which combines tradition and modernity in the historic setting of the former home of Auguste and Marguerite Lumière.


There are numerous primary and secondary schools in the area: 

  • Anatole France nursery and primary school
  • Condorcet nursery and primary school
  • Molière public lower secondary school
  • Charles de Foucauld private secondary school
  • Pierre Termier private secondary school

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Household marital status: 3,143 married couples 1,877 cohabiting couples


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