The new ECD applicable on July 1st 2021

The evolution of the regulations related to the energy performance diagnosis (DPE) comes into force this Thursday, July 1, 2021. It becomes enforceable and environmental, insofar as it will no longer only take into account the energy performance but the characteristics of housing. Explanations.

Le nouveau DPE applicable au 1er juillet 2021

The new DPE, what is it?

Today, Thursday, July 1, the calculation of the DPE is subject to new rules. Compulsory for all housing offered for sale or rent, it will now be enforceable and will point the finger even more at energy-hungry housing, including those classified F and G, banned from renting by 2028. Summary and implications of these changes.

1. This new DPE becomes legally enforceable. The enforceability of the diagnosis is the right for everyone to request compensation for a breach of obligations by the seller/landlord or an error in analysis by the real estate diagnostician. For the sake of reliability, the diagnosis will be based on a more in-depth study of the technical characteristics of the dwelling, such as insulation, construction materials or heating methods. For environmental reasons, the study will also integrate two new energy criteria: lighting and ventilation, while maintaining the criteria for heating and hot water production.

2. Taking into account the location. The label thresholds may vary according to the department and altitude (only labels E, F and G are concerned).

3. The carbon footprint of the housing will enter the equation and will modify the classification. From then on, each criterion will have its own score and the lowest score will define the final label, established by a professional diagnostician. These labels will range from A (70 kWh/m²/year for energy; 6 kg/m²/year of CO2e for climate) to G (420 kWh/m²/year for energy; 100 kg/m²/year of CO2e for climate). 

The owner of a dwelling will have to provide the necessary information to the diagnostician concerning the dwelling. Blank labels will no longer be possible for dwellings built before 1948 nor in the absence of consumption records provided.

A reform that will evolve over time

From now on, no housing will be able to present a virgin DPE; it is therefore the responsibility of each one to carry out this diagnosis. For those already established, it often appears judicious to update it on the basis of these new rules of calculation, improving considerably the note of the residences having benefited from insulation work in particular:

From January 1, 2022, the display of both labels and the estimated average energy bills of housing will be mandatory on all real estate ads. In addition, the new version of the DPE will include a series of recommendations for work to be carried out to improve the performance of housing. The examples of essential work are numerous: insulation of the attic, installation of a heat pump or verification of the watertightness of the door and window frames.

A progressive schedule is also under discussion, which will prohibit the rental of housing classified F and G by 2028 and E housing from 2034. The stakes are therefore high for all the players in the real estate industry who must adapt to these new standards. 

BARNES Lyon accompanies you in this transition, and will answer all your questions during a live available on our social networks on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. In the meantime, here is a small summary of the important points on this reform of the DPE applicable on July 1st 2021: