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Dry rot: are you at risk?

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Increasingly prevalent in some districts of Lyon, dry rot - contagious fungus attacking wood - can cause serious consequences on the condition and value of a property and must be taken into account when buying .

Dry rot, from the family of so-called wood-destroying fungi, is an extremely devastating parasite for wood, so much that it is called "accommodation cancer." The signs of infection are detected via odor, white streaks and orange dust, as well as the condition of the wood, gradient, won by moisture.

The consequences of dry rot

Untreated, an infection of dry rot can lead to structural damage such as the collapse of a structure. As a precaution, it is essential to verify the airflow of your property and its good seal. Since the risks of proliferation grows in confined and wet places, it is advisable to regularly ventilate the house, and be vigilant to water damage and other risks of leakage. A curative, call in professionals to destroy the fungus and stop its spread with fungicides may be the safest outcome to treat the parasite. In a health context, the spores released by these fungi can also cause respiratory problems and allergies to residents.

Real estate sale: the obligation to inform the buyer : in the end of 2015, a laboratory of environmental expertise has confirmed the partial presence of dry rot in some buildings in Lyon. Following these analyzes, areas of presence of a risk of fungus were defined by prefectural in the 3rd district - rue Baraban sectors / Charial Antoine / Paul Bert and rue Ferdinand Buisson / the Castle Avenue, in the 4th district - rue du Mail sector / Grande rue de la Croix-Rousse, and in the 9th district - Street area of Saint Cyr / Antonin Laborde. In case of sale of a property located in one of these areas, the seller must provide information about it - a device attached to the sale agreement, or failing that, to the deed of sale. Indeed, the Court considers that under certain conditions, the presence of this type of fungus can be a hidden defect such as to engage the liability of the seller. An obligation inserted into a new section of the building and housing code, regulated by law Alur. However, the intervention of a diagnostician to analyze the elements that may contain mérules is not mandatory.