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Review of the Lyon real estate market for the first half of 2018 as seen by BARNES

Bilan du marché de l'immobilier 1er semestre 2018

We announced three months ago a start of the year 2018 extremely dynamic. We confirm that the segment of high-end real estate in Lyon has remained very active during the first half of this year, both on homes and apartments.

Balance sheet of the real estate market in Lyon for the first half of 2018 as seen by BARNES

We recorded volume growth of 22% in our two offices and sales growth of 31%, with more than € 57 million in transactions. Out of 62 pledges signed since January 1st, the average sale price at BARNES Lyon is stable at € 930,000. According to the figures published by the notaries, the price / m² median in Lyon continues to grow over 12 rolling months: € 3,670 / m²; + 7%. While the average prices of our sales are stable in the Rhône, BARNES has seen a sharp increase in its sales prices in the quality goods segment in Lyon compared to the same period in 2017. Our average selling price has peaked at 6,556 € / m² boosted by several sales of rooftop apartments at more than 10,000 € / m².

Perspective in the 2nd semester

We are confident for the second half of the year as demand remains strong and sales in early July are encouraging. The second part of the year should be like this beginning of the year: tense stocks involving little or no negotiated prices and sustained volumes. We have accompanied the Lyonnais on their projects of sale of property from 50 m², recent or old, bourgeois or canut lyonnais, roof terrace, contemporary, house architect or charming.

Our best sales in the second quarter of 2018

Appartement contemporain vendu à Lyon 6 avec terrasseAppartement contemporain de 193 m² à Lyon 6 avec toit-terrasse vendu au prix de 2 000 000 € Réhabilitation de 200 m² dans le 5e arrondissement de LyonRéhabilitation de 200 m² dans le 5e arrondissement de Lyon vendu au prix de 1 186 000 € Villa de 211 m² à ÉcullyVilla de 211 m² à Écully vendue au prix de 1 147 000 € Appartement de 55 m² dans le quartier Foch, Lyon 6Appartement de 55 m² dans le quartier Foch, Lyon 6 vendu au prix de 308 000 € Appartement toit-terrasse de 180 m² à Lyon 3Appartement toit-terrasse de 180 m² à Lyon 3 vendu au prix de 1 050 000 € Un château à LimasUn château à Limas vendu au prix de 1 750 000 € Une maison contemporaine de 260 m² à Charbonnières-les-BainsUne maison contemporaine de 260 m² à Charbonnières-les-Bains vendu au prix de 1 300 000 €

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