Anastasia and Michele at Domaine de Romarand

Anastasia and Michele Dall'Aglio, a couple of architects from Lyon, sold their apartment in the 6th arrondissement to buy a former wine estate in Quincié-en-Beaujolais. From a distant dream, their project to make wine became concrete thanks to the discovery of the ideal property to launch it. The story of a change of life at Domaine de Romarand.

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Ideally located less than an hour from Lyon and fifteen kilometers from the highway, Domaine de Romarand is nestled in the hamlet of Quincié-en-Beaujolais, a charming wine-producing village renowned for its quality of life and small shops. The former owners wanted to sell this large family property to be closer to their children in the south of France. For the past ten years, they had abandoned the wine business to devote themselves to renting out the four guest rooms housed in the left wing of this large stone house of 435 m². 

"From their first visit, it was love at first sight. They decided to embark on this crazy project.

Anastasia and Michele Dall'Aglio bought it in May 2020 and moved in with their two daughters, Elli and Réa, in November 2020. Architects in Lyon, they had long had a dream in the corner of their minds to produce their own wine. After passing in 2019 a training in viticulture-oenology, Anastasia, falls during the first confinement "completely by chance" on the announcement of sale of this house. From their first visit, the love at first sight is immediate. They decided to embark on this "slightly crazy project". Thanks to the expertise of the BARNES consultant, who knows the area well, the transaction went smoothly. Once the keys were in hand, everything went very quickly. Anastasia and Michele Dall'Aglio first focused on the renovation of the guest rooms. "We didn't plan this activity at the beginning, but the idea of welcoming guests immediately motivated us, as wine tourism is also a complementary activity to wine production. 

Anastasia will bottle her first vintage: the wines of Domaine de Romarand.

Later, they bought 1.3 hectares of vineyards in Lantignié and Régnié and the initial wine project came to life. They will harvest their first crop in September 2021. In the meantime, they have completely cleaned and reopened the winery and even the old wooden press that has been out of use for ten years. Last step, in a few weeks, Anastasia will bottle her first vintage: the wines of Domaine de Romarand. 

Domaine de Romarand

106, Chemin Perrichon - 69430 Quincié-en-Beaujolais

06 79 02 10 28