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Emblematic of Lyon, the Basilica of Fourvière dominates the city like a protective mother. From its hill, the view is breathtaking and no visitor can leave Lyon without having had access to such a panorama. People rush to admire the Basilica, the roofs of old Lyon and even the Alps in the distance, to attend the Nuits de Fourvière in the Gallo-Roman site or to visit the museum. High place of the identity of the city and its history, Fourvière is nevertheless a residential district, a little forgotten.

Living on the "praying hill"?

And why not? It is true that if we go back in time, the district was historically a privileged place of settlement for the population. Traces of the past, including an archaeological park, still remind us of the glorious hours of the city, which was called Lugdunum at the time. Two Gallo-Roman theaters are preserved and the Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilization, a building almost buried within the site, contains multiple collections of steles, statues, bronzes, mosaics..., tracing the life of Lugdunum from its foundation in 43 BC to the early Christian times.

On the Fourvière hill, there are also religious monuments from the 16th and 18th centuries as well as several churches and a calvary. In 1643, the city placed itself under the protection of the Virgin, then following a vow, the Basilica of Fourvière was built by Pierre Bossan and inaugurated in 1896. Sanctuary and place of pilgrimage, the Basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière attracts more than 2 million visitors each year and contributes to the international reputation of Lyon. The entire area has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

Fourvière : a district where calm and serenity reign

The top of the hill is now divided into three main districts: Fourvière, Saint-Just and Saint-Irénée with the highest point being the fort of sainte Foy whose altitude is 318 meters. At its feet, the Vieux Lyon, a medieval and renaissance district that runs along the Saône. A favorite place for the people of Lyon, Fourvière is appreciated for its panorama of course but also for its calm and its gardens.

The green spaces "with a view" are particularly pleasant: Parc des Hauteurs and its footbridge of the four winds, Jardins du Rosaire..., from where one can perceive, peacefully seated in the middle of the roses, the agitation of the city below. The only drawback is that you have to get there! If the more alert will take the different ascents and stairs from Saint Jean (montée Saint-Barthélémy, montée du Chemin Neuf, montée du Gourguillon, (one of the oldest streets in Lyon with its cobblestones and its medieval houses from the 15th century), montée des Chazeaux...) for a walk which can be very pleasant, the ficelle (funicular) will lead to the top for those who are reluctant to walk!

An increasingly residential area

If the district is very frequented by tourists and walkers, it is not very residential. However, in recent years, certain religious or hospital sites have undergone major conversion and new high-end real estate complexes have been created. The site of the Antiquaille, full of history, is now giving way to a new district where housing, offices and the gastronomic restaurant Christian Têtedoie with its unique view of Lyon are located.

The conversion of the hospital site, which was abandoned in 2003, was crowned by the construction of a five-star hotel by the Maïa group. This boutique hotel will include thirty-seven rooms, including a 100 m2 apartment, seven junior suites of 60 m2 each, a spa with a 20-meter pool, as well as an indoor garden. In 2015, a new hotel also opened on the Fourvière hill. Ideally located on top of the Roman amphitheaters, a stone's throw from the Basilica, the Fourvière Hotel reinvents the former Visitation convent built by Bossan in 1854. These projects contribute to building a new image for the neighborhood and undeniably enhance its value.

A new impetus has also been given to Fourvière under the impetus of the Fourvière Foundation, which, while continuing the work of conserving the heritage and enhancing the value of the sanctuary, has decided to launch a large-scale operation to renovate the adjacent buildings and reception facilities, facilitate access, rethink parking and signage, offer discovery trails and make Fourvière an even more lively place where numerous events and activities are organized throughout the year. By 2020, the Foundation plans to build new structures on the esplanade, create new restaurants and a parking lot to provide more pedestrian space, and expand the stores...

What are you doing tonight ?

If the district, let's admit it, is not famous for its night animation, (except during the Nuits de Fourvière which gathers more than 150 000 visitors each year! ) some nice addresses attract the inhabitants of Lyon on the hill: Fourvière Hôtel and its restaurant "Les Téléphones", Christian Têtedoie, Fourvière's restaurant, La Villa Florentine and its restaurant "Les Terrasses de Lyon", the Basilik, Restaurant Campagne... Not to mention the numerous tables and festive addresses to be discovered in the heart of the Saint-Jean district, only a few meters below!


For children, some schools, especially private ones, are easily accessible: Public: Albert Camus public elementary school Jean Moulin secondary school Saint-Just secondary school Private: Saint Just Saint Irénée private primary school Notre Dame des Minimes secondary school Centre Scolaire Aux Lazaristes primary, secondary and high school Sainte Marie Lyon

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