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Located in the upper reaches of the 5th arrondissement of Lyon, between La Colline de Fourvière and the commune of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, Point-du-Jour is a unique neighborhood, an enclave that is proud of its independence and “village” feel within the city. BARNES Lyon introduces you to this neighborhood but also all the districts in Lyon.

Life in Point-du-Jour: a neighborhood all to itself

To give you a bit of historical background, Point-du-Jour used to be the muster point for hunting. At the site where the Place Benedict Tessier is now located, hunting parties used to meet at dawn (Point du jour means daybreak) before heading west.

As any Lyon resident will tell you, Point du Jour is a neighborhood “all to itself” that is either not well known or praised by its stalwart occupants who wouldn’t move for anything in the world! Located between town and country, this Lyon neighborhood is prized for its peaceful atmosphere, its many shops and businesses and especially for its village-like feel where everyone seems to know everyone else and you get the strange sensation of not being in Lyon.

A neighborhood where you can breathe

One of the benefits of this neighborhood is the abundance of green spaces that allow residents to breathe! A number of parks are open to the public: Parc de la Mairie, Parc des Mûriers, Parc de la Garde and Parc de Champvert designed around the Neyrand Mansion in the early 20th century, in addition to the Parc de la Passerelle, a new park created in 2014 which directly connects the Avenue du Point du Jour and the Avenue Barthélémy Buyer. This latest park has a unique footbridge 180 ft in length, and offers a 2.4 acres of greenery with its natural meadow, plants attracting honey bees, and undergrowth.

Where to go out in the Point du Jour neighborhood?

Why, to the theater, of course! The Point du Jour Theater is a former cinema that was converted into a theater in the 1960s. It developed the bold concept of "permanent theater". The troupe performs most of the week from Tuesday to Saturday.

There's no need to go down into the city center because everything is here! Local shops and businesses, restaurants, a market twice a week, schools, parks, sports clubs and the theater. There's enough here to live a totally independent life! Here are just a few of the offerings in the neighborhood: The Daniel Vessière Traditional Butcher's, the Bistrot le Bénédicte, Les Marionnettes and the Narval Brasserie.

Real estate in the Point du Jour neighborhood

Until the mid-twentieth century, Point-du-Jour was where rich Lyonnais families had their second homes to “get out into the country”. There are still a number of luxury mansions surrounded by gardens, particularly around Rue François-Genin. From the 1950s onwards, the neighborhood began to see urban development with construction of buildings in woodland parks that had belonged to old villas that no longer exist. Estates, townhouses and apartment buildings stand alongside more recent luxury residences that boast terraces or balconies.

Schooling & Transportation in Point du Jour

Although Point du Jour is served by a number of different bus routes, it doesn’t have a metro stop. Access is therefore not always easy. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to reach West Lyon to leave the city. There are, however, many schools in the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Public schools

  • Diderot Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • Joliot Curie Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • François Truffaut Kindergarten
  • Jean Charcot Middle School
  • Saint Just Middle School
  • Edouard Branly High School

Private schools

  • La Favorite Elementary, Middle and High School
  • Notre Dame du Point du Jour Kindergarten and Elementary School
  • Notre Dame des Minimes Middle School and High School
  • Sainte Marie Middle School and High School
  • Les Lazaristes Middle School and High School
  • Saint Marc Middle School

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