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Castle life: 3 of our finest properties in the Lyon area

Château à vendre Lyon

If you’re looking for large spaces, vast rooms and an idyllic setting, then castle life is the one for you...

Invest in a castle

The property market in France offers veritable marvels for all budgets. You will find castle for sale in need of full renovation, as well as luxury castle that have already undergone magnificent renovation works thanks to their current owners. High-end fittings blend with the period charm thanks to the tasteful and perfectly finished refurbishments.

You can purchase one of these fine properties as a home, to accommodate your family, or to start-up a business within the castle by installing bed and breakfast-style guest rooms, reception rooms for private events or by opening up the castle to visitors. There’s no shortage of ideas to help finance the upkeep of the property. Because investing in a castle is not a decision to be made without ample thought: location, acquisition cost, quotations for works and their completion, upkeep... all of these factors and more need to be taken into account. There are considerable costs that should not be overlooked. 

All of the flair, none of the fuss

You don't need to invest in a castle to have multiple reception rooms, a charming wooded park and acres of land. Indeed, our finest properties come with all the trimmings: manor houses, old farmhouses, stunning bourgeois properties, family manors, and a host of luxury properties for sale around Lyon.

Those looking to live in a castle, a manor or a mansion without the 8,000 sq ft and the upkeep that comes with it can opt to buy an apartment within a refurbished property that has been transformed into a condominium! Enjoy the exceptional setting without the fuss!

3 castles to discover

BARNES Lyon, luxury real estate agency, is presenting 3 of our finest properties with high-end amenities. Three castles, three different styles, but three properties with indisputable charm.

You’ll love... its location in the Saint-Irénée area of Lyon

Château for sale Saint-Irénée Château in the city of Lyon

Its prime location! This 16th century property is located within Lyon itself in the Saint-Irénée part of the 5th arrondissement. The castle offers approximately 8,611 sq ft of living space with a total of 20 rooms. Its annexes are in need of renovation but offer great potential. The 1-acre park is wooded and fitted out with tiered terraces. Discover this château for sale in Lyon.

You’ll love... its magnificent view over the Saône Valley

Fortified manor house near Lyon Fortified castle near Lyon

This 13th century property with great character is situated in Morancé, a small village with around 2,000 inhabitants located 15 miles north of Lyon. Fall for the charms of its fortified walls and keep, its central courtyard and its guard room! The 5-acre park affords breathtaking views over the Saône Valley. Discover more about this charming property.

You’ll love... its acres of vineyards

Castle in the Beaujolais Property with a vineyard Beaujolais

At the heart of a Beaujolais village, this 18th century castle is ideal for wine enthusiasts. It comes with 1.8 acres of land including a walled formal garden and a vineyard adjoining the property that produces one of the top Beaujolais “grands crus”. The 6,458 sq ft of living space is composed of 12 rooms including various reception rooms and 7 bedrooms. Discover more about this luxury property in Beaujolais.

Take a look at this enlightening article on buying a castle in the Express (in French): Quitter Paris : La vie de Château.